Wednesday, August 21, 2013

It's been awhile.. I have been busy!!

Hello! So sorry I haven't blogged in a long time! I have been so busy! What have I been doing?

Firstly.. i have been working for AthenaStudios, fabricating a puppet for a pitch package. This includes, making the molds, casting the silicone, seaming the puppet, managing the face process, sanding the faces, painting the silicone and finally creating the costume! It has been a lot of work, and I am very excited about the results and cannot wait to share it with you! In the meantime you can track our progress and my bio, on Athena's website,

Secondly.. RawrzToys have been going strong! Ann and I have had 3 shows since May, I will post some photos from these shows to this blog entry. Most importantly we have our toys in a great store called, "A little known shop". This space was started by 3 young woman like Ann and I, hoping to share art with the world. They host amazing events, and are a great addition to the community, as they provide music, crafts, food and artwork to adults and kids alike. We have been in their store since June, and will be there a few more months.

Thirdly.. I have finally updated the website, it can be found at

Lastly.. The puppets I made for are animated and posted! I mixed silicone colors, cast and seamed the robust lady in the logo, and cast, seamed and painted henrietta, they have a kickstarter ending in 8 hours, as seen here Henrietta Kickstarter

I can't wait to share more soon!

We premiered our giraffe toys!!

We also premiered our elephant toys!

Some Rawrz fans at the La Zoo's comic jungle!

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