Thursday, May 27, 2010


For a little over a year I have been working with bat's at the batzone, which is located behind the cranbrook institute of science.

Originally I was interested in working with the animals to learn more about my favorite creatures, but I ended up being able to repair their educational bat displays which have bounced around from museum to museum and suffered many cracks and shoty repairs. I was pretty pumped about fixing the displays! Anyways I wanted to share some of my repair photos as well as pictures of the actual animals. Another great thing about working with the animals i'm able to get really close for photos!

Monday, May 10, 2010

My mom's Squirrel Theme Birthday

For my Mom's birthday this year I decided to theme everything around squirrels, I bought her an adorable cement birdbath shaped like a tree with a squirrel drinking from it, Painted a squirrel on the wall mural in the upstairs hallway ( which I pencil sketched about ten years ago), and made a squirrel birthday card, a squirrel eating a sandwich.. because squirrel's love sandwiches! The Squirrel Wall painting is Acrylic, the card is watercolors...