Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mr. Peanut's Holiday Card

Another of the Planter's spot's, amazing animation! Love the bit at the end wher eyou can really see the puppets.

Newest Planters commercial

For this commercial I did a lot more Silicone work, I cast the lizard and seamed him. It was a large process first involving him being cast in foam latex then clipping it back and skinning him with silicone, I then painted it all in, seamed him, and because of his texture I was not just able to sand the line away but I had to do many passes of painting on the texture in layers. The butterflies also had tiny armatured arms and legs, which I made cast, and seamed and hand applied the bug like notches. I also shimmer painted their boots, and had made the antenna. The cricket was also a proud moment, I wired, cast and seamed his very tiny arms, paint in cast and seamed his legs, and hand made his antenna. The mice I made the silicone ears, and tails, to which I also made the molds. The 2nd lizard was the same as the first, as well as I made her silicone. The list goes on, but I was heavily involved allover the process for all the puppets, and learned a lot from Katie at Laika house, who graciously taught me mold making amoung many other things. There is one more commercial to come, then i will post making of pictures. Yay!