Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lisettes Birthday Shirt!

Happy fun felt animal shirt time..

Forgotten Camera cable=Sad face

The maps are to come, stuck on camera, no way to remove the images.. as well as some additional paintings, in the meantime here are a 3-d pickle, with watercolored layers. A 3-d eiffle tower, with layered newspaper images, then painted and high glossed. A small fishy painting, water colored mounted on acrylic, also high gloss. The bad part about my new found love for high gloss is my camera does not respond well to such shineyness, there for the pictures are blown out, and the detail wouldn't show up at all with out a flash, these were quick photos before the items were given away.. also a small snail scale photo.. and a birthday card i made for my dad of a bionic octopuss after he had heart surgery.

Huge updates...

SOoo it has been a very long while since i've updated this blog thing, so i'm going to do it in a few posts, one being birthday gifts I've made in the past few months, one of my map series of paintings, and one of 3-d paintings.

Portland and the big move.. The move was good I started work the morning after i arrived here, literally less then 8 hours after my plane landed, since then it has been non stop working and getting settled, with a short trip back to the michigan lands mixed in.

I'm working on a couple projects, I can not yet name, but they are pretty cool and I'm really enjoying all the work, and learning a lot of new skills, like mold making. Which i'm pretty pumped about.

Anyways, enjoy the new artwork, some of the photos are low quality, but the paintings are located back in michigan so updates to be had in october, also coming soon a crossword series.. !