Monday, May 18, 2015

Foxy Fox! Mold making, and Toys! MakerFaire 2015

As we continue to expand Rawrztoys, our newest toy is a fox! He made his premiere as a prototype at Emerald City Comic Con, and was redesigned, printed, sanded/primed, buffed, molded and cast for Bay Area Maker Faire this weekend! He marks the 9th toy in our line (Narwhale, Octo, Seahorse, Shark, Giraffe, Elephant, Alligator, & Hedgehog.) Available in 2 sizes, Small at about 1.5 inches and big at 5 inches. We teamed up with nascent objects to create his light up cupcake base that changes colors by app! 

Mermaids on Mars Trailer!

The trailer and website for Mermaids on Mars are finished and soon the short will premiere! Can't wait to see how it all turned out! In the meantime for your viewing pleasure 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Mermaids on Mars

In August 2014 I was approached by Athena Studios, and asked to lead the puppet build for a short film "Mermaids on Mars." Having worked with them in the past to create Sophie for "Auntie Claus", I was extremely excited! Over the next couple months I lead a team of 6 in the creation of 7 puppets. I was lucky to have such wonderful teammates, and couldn't be more thrilled with the results. Here is a sneak peak of "Mermaids on Mars!"
Based on an original story by: Nancy Guettier

Completed Julian puppet

Cast Julian head and painted eyes ready for assembly and epoxy

Cast Dragon skin hands, ready for assembly

Completed Gilbet puppet

Silicone shoe mold, back painted grommets

Cast shoes, ready for their laces

Finished shoes

Oceana is ready for her close up

Mermaid tail armature, wire and ready for casting

Clipped foam tail, and back painted iridescent tail layers

Tails ready for seaming

Close up of tail color varations

Ocean being animated


and Laguna

And lastly, a fully comped shot of Gilbert star gazing off the dock. 
To complete the puppets I worked with 
Bird Mc Cargar-Costume
Suzanne Moulton-Hair
Julian Birchman-Paint
Sylvie McClelland-Sand/paint
Jeanette Vera-3d Modeling 
Christian Norris-Armatures
Via Merrick Chaney Armatures

Designs by Steph Laberis

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Meet Logur! Created by Oddfauna!

I have been having a blast recently, working with a lot of my long time favorite artists! One of those artists is the amazingly talented Emma SanCartier of Oddfauna. I have been collecting her adorable gypsum sculptures ( of which I have 8 ) for awhile now and when she came to me to discuss molding/casting her latest sculpture I was extremely excited!  I first started with creating the mold. 
 Added a Mohawk like vent system for air to travel through during resin injections, as well as pressure potting. I then created a foam core box and poured if full of sorta clear platinum silicone. 
Here's a view of the inside of the box. 
 After the mold was boxed, silicone poured and allowed to cure. It is ready to be cut open. 
The mold has now been cut open using a jewelers cut, I will spray it with release band 
it together and inject pigmented plastics. 

 Here is one of the first runs, using a bunch of blues, teals and reds.
Another first test, in sapphire blue. 
 And here are some lovely pictures of the finished Jade Logur's taken and painted by Emma!
It's so hard for me to pick a favorite of the Jade series, bit I really love
4 and 6. I can't wait for more experimenting!

due to the nature of casting even if I use the exact same colors
they can vary a bit. 

So many cool finishes! I know all those Logur's found happy homes! 

Saturday, August 2, 2014


Hello, It's been too long since I have updated! I have been working on a few freelance casting jobs, as well as a couple stop motion shorts. 
Here is one of them, GhostGirl. It's a book series by Tonya Hurley. 
For this trailer I made GhostGirls hands, as well as the extra character torsos. 
Ghost Girl Trailer from Matthew Huber on Vimeo.

Here's an early process photo, created by Martin Meunier

Monday, April 7, 2014


One of the freelance jobs I worked on in March was a really cool zombee which is exactly as it sounds, a zombie bee! Rick Marson creator of Zoms, wanted to take his stuffed zombees to next level and create toys!  Ann Sidenblad modeled and printed Rick's design and passed it along to me. I sanded and prepped the bees for molding and casting. Made the molds, and thus Zombees were born! I then cast the bees in 3 types of resin and passed them back to Rick who very meticulously hand painted each and every zombee in time for ECCC (Emerald City Comic Con) Below are some photos from the process!! You can check out his website Zoms, where the ZomBees will soon be available for purchase. 

Here are the bee parts, red puttied and ready for finishing
Here is the finished bee and base ready for mold 
This is the bee flight pegs, I molded 2 so we could turn around more bees in a shorter amount of time
Here are the wings all spured up and ready to box, again I made a gang mold so multiple bees could be cast quickly
Foam core boxes, pouring sorta clear 37 
Here are the bee flight pegs before cutting open the mold
Molds after being cut open
I wasn't happy with the finishing on the base the first time around so I started over
Base spured and ready for him foam core box
Mold ready to be cut
Multiple bee castings!
The finished bees as I handed them off to Rick

Ricks beautiful paint job on a day of the dead bee!