Sunday, September 14, 2014

Meet Logur! Created by Oddfauna!

I have been having a blast recently, working with a lot of my long time favorite artists! One of those artists is the amazingly talented Emma SanCartier of Oddfauna. I have been collecting her adorable gypsum sculptures ( of which I have 8 ) for awhile now and when she came to me to discuss molding/casting her latest sculpture I was extremely excited!  I first started with creating the mold. 
 Added a Mohawk like vent system for air to travel through during resin injections, as well as pressure potting. I then created a foam core box and poured if full of sorta clear platinum silicone. 
Here's a view of the inside of the box. 
 After the mold was boxed, silicone poured and allowed to cure. It is ready to be cut open. 
The mold has now been cut open using a jewelers cut, I will spray it with release band 
it together and inject pigmented plastics. 

 Here is one of the first runs, using a bunch of blues, teals and reds.
Another first test, in sapphire blue. 
 And here are some lovely pictures of the finished Jade Logur's taken and painted by Emma!
It's so hard for me to pick a favorite of the Jade series, bit I really love
4 and 6. I can't wait for more experimenting!

due to the nature of casting even if I use the exact same colors
they can vary a bit. 

So many cool finishes! I know all those Logur's found happy homes! 

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