Monday, May 18, 2015

Foxy Fox! Mold making, and Toys! MakerFaire 2015

As we continue to expand Rawrztoys, our newest toy is a fox! He made his premiere as a prototype at Emerald City Comic Con, and was redesigned, printed, sanded/primed, buffed, molded and cast for Bay Area Maker Faire this weekend! He marks the 9th toy in our line (Narwhale, Octo, Seahorse, Shark, Giraffe, Elephant, Alligator, & Hedgehog.) Available in 2 sizes, Small at about 1.5 inches and big at 5 inches. We teamed up with nascent objects to create his light up cupcake base that changes colors by app! 

Mermaids on Mars Trailer!

The trailer and website for Mermaids on Mars are finished and soon the short will premiere! Can't wait to see how it all turned out! In the meantime for your viewing pleasure 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Mermaids on Mars

In August 2014 I was approached by Athena Studios, and asked to lead the puppet build for a short film "Mermaids on Mars." Having worked with them in the past to create Sophie for "Auntie Claus", I was extremely excited! Over the next couple months I lead a team of 6 in the creation of 7 puppets. I was lucky to have such wonderful teammates, and couldn't be more thrilled with the results. Here is a sneak peak of "Mermaids on Mars!"
Based on an original story by: Nancy Guettier

Completed Julian puppet

Cast Julian head and painted eyes ready for assembly and epoxy

Cast Dragon skin hands, ready for assembly

Completed Gilbet puppet

Silicone shoe mold, back painted grommets

Cast shoes, ready for their laces

Finished shoes

Oceana is ready for her close up

Mermaid tail armature, wire and ready for casting

Clipped foam tail, and back painted iridescent tail layers

Tails ready for seaming

Close up of tail color varations

Ocean being animated


and Laguna

And lastly, a fully comped shot of Gilbert star gazing off the dock. 
To complete the puppets I worked with 
Bird Mc Cargar-Costume
Suzanne Moulton-Hair
Julian Birchman-Paint
Sylvie McClelland-Sand/paint
Jeanette Vera-3d Modeling 
Christian Norris-Armatures
Via Merrick Chaney Armatures

Designs by Steph Laberis