Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Newest Planters commercial

For this commercial I did a lot more Silicone work, I cast the lizard and seamed him. It was a large process first involving him being cast in foam latex then clipping it back and skinning him with silicone, I then painted it all in, seamed him, and because of his texture I was not just able to sand the line away but I had to do many passes of painting on the texture in layers. The butterflies also had tiny armatured arms and legs, which I made cast, and seamed and hand applied the bug like notches. I also shimmer painted their boots, and had made the antenna. The cricket was also a proud moment, I wired, cast and seamed his very tiny arms, paint in cast and seamed his legs, and hand made his antenna. The mice I made the silicone ears, and tails, to which I also made the molds. The 2nd lizard was the same as the first, as well as I made her silicone. The list goes on, but I was heavily involved allover the process for all the puppets, and learned a lot from Katie at Laika house, who graciously taught me mold making amoung many other things. There is one more commercial to come, then i will post making of pictures. Yay!

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