Friday, May 3, 2013

What I'm doing..

I'm working on a couple "Mad God" puppets. I've also begun pre work for "Auntie Claus", a children's book which will hopefully become a stop motion feature! I'm making the puppet's silicone body, costume, hands, and helping the project in a few other ways! I cast, seamed and painted a couple puppets and wired, cast and painted hands for Lift Animation. Still working on Leonardo, it's moving along and I can't wait to dive in and start making molds! I also have two commissioned paintings I'm hoping to finish this week.

Robot Chicken and Stoopid Buddy Studio had a panel this past weekend at the Walt Disney Museum to close out their stop motion gallery. It was amazing! They were so great with the audience. Seth Green became the owner of a new Rawrztoy and was nice enough to take photos with us! So in closing here is some more Rawrz! I posted a toy process album on facebook if you want to see more about how Rawrztoys are made!

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