Thursday, October 11, 2012

Rawrz! Toys!

So for a long time Ann ( and I have been working on our toy line, which was started back in 2007, and now with Ann has been made new and improved! Her incredible ideas have taken it to the next level, and the new designs premiered at Art Murmur in July! We did pretty good, and now we have increased our numbers and this weekend is the launch of our new website! Check it often in the coming weeks! My website is also back up, and will be back to its former glory soon! Also check Ann and I out at Ape Con this weekend! Lot's of things are happening! Thank you to everyone who provided support and assistance (Especially My loving Husband Kyle Most, Chris and Martin.) I'm including some toy images, we will have the toys, stickers and paintings available for purchase please email or call me!

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