Sunday, October 14, 2012

Rawrz and Ape Con

Ape Con has been pretty good, we are trying to get the word out about the toys, and really promote the heck out of these guys! Today i created a facbeook too, so like em on facebook!
We have 100 versions to chose from, which to you like?? We are trying to narrow it down to 10 colors for mass production, then make custom specialty ones for people when they order them!

Here is a picture of our table! 

Yellow! Hello!
 Metallic Blue!! Woo!
 Blurry Button eyes!
 Our very first one! Classic Blue!
 Metallic Purple, The donuts fit on the horn!
 Neon Pink! Electric!
 This is for Scale, we have Baby Seahorses too!
 Teal and Pink, Princessy
 Weedy Sea Dragons! Love these!
 Mommy and Baby! I can't wait to make these toys!
 More whales!
 Steam Punk! 
 Gears and tip hats, and awesomeness!

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