Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Make Magazine and Rawrztoys

We at Rawrztoys were lucky enough to be interviewed by Make Magazine! They did an amazing feature on how we create our toys. We also have a new store, and website up, which can be viewed at

Here's our Make Video.

Its been an incredible year! We have officially been a toy company for one year and 4 months! In that time we have shown at WonderCon, DesignerCon, Ape Con (twice), Comikazie Expo, The La Zoo's Comic Jungle, Oakland's First Friday (featured at the Uptown), two Mini Maker Faires, The Petaluma Hobby Expo, Santa Rosa Toy show, 2 Art shows at Dreamworks, and as part of a show at the Detroit Institute of Arts. OH! Plus our toys were available for Purchase in a Little Known Shop in Anaheim. Busy! We will list our upcoming shows very soon on our website. Rawrztoys, Store

About Me!
As for the year, I began it fabricating puppets for Phil Tippett's Mad God.
Moved onto Jim Capabiancos, Leonardo 
Cast Puppets for Lift Animations Henrietta
Created Sophie for Athena Studios "Auntie Claus." With a great team we managed to pull off creating a pitch package in just under 3 months, creating the puppet in less than 2.  From Development to finished product I am extremely proud to have been a part of AuntieClaus.
At the completion of our pitch I was contracted to create molds and castings at Fathom Studios.

All and All its been a crazy year filled with Artwork, insane deadlines, great dinners of Chicken, Green Beans and Mashed potatos, Watching a lot of Badly, awesome movies, and feeling very lucky!

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