Thursday, April 23, 2009

Art Show/ Website/ Random updateness

Art show!! So It has been way to long since I’ve blogged about anything. I have been insanely busy! I installed the art show, and had the opening the following Friday, it went extremely well and I was incredibly surprised with the positive feedback! This was my first show, and I’m looking forward to installing a few more! Basically, the show was 3 themes, Cupcakes, Sushi and Sea Creatures. I then used different textures and mediums to make frosting, rice, bubbles, water… I wanted to make a really colorful collection of content that was just pleasing to the eye and fun to look at. I made 130 felt snails, and 39 paintings, as the paintings sell I’m swapping them out. I’m trying to get a nice camera to take high resolution photos to post, but until then I’m attaching a few from the opening!

Website, I updated some things on my website, made my demo reel a bit longer, I’m trying to make it more solid, it’s a work in progress so check back often.

Travels, I’ll be in Portland, OR from May 5th-12th and LA from May 12th-16th. I’m mostly going to visit friends, and check out the local art scenes!

Right now I’m working on a giraffe birthday card, I’ll try to post images when it’s complete!


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